The right distance of the buildings

Respect for the minimum legal distances of civil construction is one of the most sensitive factors in the construction sector, and one of the main reasons for litigation between neighbours.

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Litigation that often results in very long and costly civil cases with even devastating consequences for the failure, since the resolution of the proceedings often results in a court order to restore the places, which means in fact the full or partial demolition of the artifact affected by non-compliance with distances, as well as compensation for any damages.

Particularly complex theme also for reasons related to the vastness and complexity of existing laws on the subject, Civil Code, National, Regional and Municipal Regulations, not always aligned with each other, together with the difficult interpretation and application in the infinite specific and particular cases of which our territory is rich.

In line with purely indicative the main distances to be respected during a new construction construction, or even in the case of expansion and renovation with different shapes, are essentially; 5 meters from the boundaries of ownership and 10 meters from other existing buildings, if equipped with windows, although the latter insist at distances less than 5 meters from the boundary.

These are two important but certainly not exhaustive parameters, there are in factmany differences depending on the municipality and the urban area, as well as numerous aspects such as the rights of views, lights, distances to be respected for trees and hedges.

There are also "exemptions" to minimum distances for specific cases such as the need to build artifacts aimed at breaking down architectural barriers or the possibility of building in "adherence" to the neighboring building if built on the border.

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