How to choose a home

Buying a home involves a series of very challenging assessments, affecting economic, financial, technical and subjective aspects, whether it is a small apartment for young couples or a family villa, in these few lines we will try to give you some advice regarding only objective architectural technical aspects.

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First of all, it is advisable to analyse the context in which the dwelling is inserted, in particular the presence in the area of necessary public and private services such as: Schools of various degrees, sports facilities, health facilities, shops or supermarkets, means of transport, parks, mail, etc. ratings often overlooked for the benefit of neighbouring relatives or neighborhoods to which you are fond.

With regard to accommodation, it is important to evaluate its brightness, functionality, silence, and maintenance status, as well as the aesthetic aspect that remains more subjective.

A good orientation and exposure of the accommodation determines a good internal brightness, a fundamental element for the quality of home life, are to be pre-empted the orientation to the east for the sleeping area, so as to enjoy the sun in the morning, and an orientation to south, southwest for the living area that will enjoy the sunny in the late afternoon, evening. The north-walls at our latitude, they never get the sun.

Proper internal functional distribution, which, for example, does not include too many corridors or disengagements, edges or dark and unusable areas, will make it easier and more comfortable for the accommodation that will have to be easily furnished, a home in fact, it must be designed with the furnishings in mind.

An exhibition on private indoor gardens or on a local traffic route is to be pre-embeled on high-flowing roads, as the quiet of the accommodation is also essential to get away from public life and be able to rest in peace in the hours Night.

Finally, pay attention to the maintenance state of the property which could result in significant costs of extraordinary maintenance, generally bathrooms, kitchens and finishes, after 20 years are quite obsolete.

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